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How would you like to start making money from your blog posts? Maybe make some money on the side for a rainy day? Well now you can, Here at, we are slowly opening the doors to new editors with the opportunity to become a partner. Like many other partners, you’d be required to have Google Adsense, or Amazon Ad/Affiliates. We will be working closely with our Partners to make sure the content is up to par. The requirements to become a partner are as followed:

  1. You must be 18 years or older, must have a valid ID.
  2. Your account must have at least 25 previous blog posts to be considered for a spot.
  3. You must post at least 2-3 blogs a week, all with at least two to three paragraphs each. With proper photolabeling and etc.
  4. Anyone accepted must agree that they are responsible for getting their accounts set up for Adsense/etc.
  5. Must also accept that any money you make off of the site will be viewer/click/comment/activity based. (You are allowed to share your post on other websites as promotion towards your work.)
  6. Video content isn’t considered as a blog post unless you have an article that goes with the said video. 
  7. You must go to the Google Adsense page using this link and sign up. (it takes a few days to get accepted or denied. Be sure to have the first 6 requirements to be able to get accepted by Google Adsense)

As stated above you will be your own reason to make revenue off of your ads. Self-promotion will be your friend, we will help as well by posting some of the blog post’s at random to our social media for the world to see. We will begin to roll out this feature testing the grounds before we release to the public. So if you think you got’s what it takes to become a writer, go start writing and happy shouting. 😀

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