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Hey guys! I am back to write another article! This time it is on AnimeFest 2019! I do admit that I did may have kind of got distracted throughout this whole entire convention. Haha. There was such a variety of characters there sporting their own version of each persona from several different cartoons, anime, etc. There were of course fursuiters and their amazing costumes! It amazes me the amount of time and work people put themselves through to sport such beautiful costumes. I applaud you all with your beautiful work! Well done! Keep up the amazing work and please do not every stop! I had a conversation with a few guys about how a convention is a place where someone can be themselves and there is not a worry in the world hindering their thoughts. I am glad they are able to find a place far from judgemental eyes.

There was even a dance breakout that happened on the second floor of the convention organized by a member of thetrashcave and kingriotcosplay (go check them out on instagram, lovely men). I rather enjoyed watching and being apart of the songs and dances that were provided for the crowd. Music is definitely one way to get everyone involved. There was just no way you would not want to partake in this joyous event! Unless of course you are Oscar the Grouch, then back in the trash can with you!

Of course I was browsing through the dealer rooms and even the open room located down on the bottom floor because what is a convention without at least buying something to take home. I did attend a few of the events they had to offer. The first one I was dragged into by a friend because she knew I was a HUGE fan of Pokemon. It was called ‘Team Rocket’s Game Corner Room’. It was pretty fun to go into, but I was most amused by one of the ‘Team Rocket’ goons because he was so into character. His facial expressions had me rolling the whole time. Of course I took pictures! The next room I attend was ‘Otawan I can explain!’ I believe that was the name, it was kind of long and I have a short attention span, haha. Of course it was for 18+ only, but it was mostly showing scenes and people had to answer ‘what if’ scenarios. There were several clever responses that had be laughing all the way to the end.

Of course what is a convention without a dance?! I love dancing and of course I can never pass up the chance to attend them. Of course my foot was bothering throughout the event, but I didn’t let it keep me down! Though, I couldn’t dance as much as I wanted too, but I made the most of it the best way I can because it’s dancing guys! Come on! I do have to admit that after seeing two Shiba Inus and a Corgi at the convention it made me wish I had brought my doggo along. Of course I do not think I would have gotten any work done if I did, haha! I hope everyone who attended had an amazing time! I know I did! Now I must return back to the Hermit hole until next time.

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