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On April 12th 2019, The Irving Convention Center once again opened its doors to a legion of die hard Dragonball fans. The first ever Dragonball exclusive con was back for its second year. With even more voice actors, more panelists, more vendors and more fun, this years convention had fans pumped more than ever. Your fellow weebs at Minishout were there in person to bring you the best footage, interviews and recaps! Our coverage of the event will include vlogs, interviews, photos and articles on all the fun and excitement that filled the convention center. Now lets begin.

 Geekdom101 resumed his role of master of ceremonies this year and did a phenomenal job. This years voice actors represented just about every version of the anime.From the original Ocean dub, the English dub and even the Spanish dub, your favorite voice actors were under the same roof. This is a feat not accomplished by any anime convention in quite some time. Unfortunately due to circumstances beyond the Kamehacon staffs control, the Japanese voice actor for Vegeta (Ryo Horikawa) was unable to attend. Ryo attended the first ever Kamehacon in 2018 and delivered a legendary panel where three Vegetas met (Ryo Horikawa, Chris Sabat and Brian Drummond). Another legendary addition to this years VA’s was none other than the voice of kid Goku and kid Gohan, Stephanie Nadolny. The fans spoke and Kamehacon delivered. Making her first appearance at Kamehacon, Stephanie instantly wowed the crowd at the opening ceremony delivering a massive Kamehameha in the voice that resounds in all of our inner childhoods. Perhaps the most anticipated VA this year was non other than the legendary Super Saiyan himself, Vic Mignogna. Vic did not let the controversy spoil his Kamehacon debut. Swarms of fans lined up hours and hours on end to meet the larger than life voice actor. A fan even brought his young son whom he named Broly to meet the man behind the character. So many touching and memorable moments went down on the fourth floor of the convention center.

The vendors were out in full force as well. One item was not for sale in the exhibitor hall though. This year the infamous Yardrat Goku figure made its way to Texas all the way from Japan. This figure is the holy grail of Dragonball collectors, legend has it only one exists in the entire world. This figure is so rare that the owner has been offered upwards of 50,000 dollars for it and….rejected the offer. Insane to think about but this figure is just that rare and valuable. Along side of it were some extremely detailed resin statues and dioramas. These items had to be experienced in person for no amount of high resolution photos could do them justice. A plethora of art work from numerous fantastic artists filled the halls of the exhibitor hall. Figures, statues and funko pops were also in abundance, if you were looking to complete your Dragonball pop collection then this was the place to be.

Overall Kamehacon felt like a complete success and as soon as the doors closed, fans were already demanding Kamehacon 3. With the success the con has accomplished these past two years the future is looking bright for next years return. Be sure to check out our video coverage of the event on Youtube and photos in our gallery!

Kamehacon Day 1

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