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Let me start off by saying that you will not feel as comfortable in your own skin anywhere else in my opinion as you will at an Anime convention. The vibe that I got this weekend at Anime Fest was a really pleasant one. It was a place where I could feel confident, comfortable and happy to enjoy the things I do. No matter what fictional world you choose to engulf yourself in, there is no judgement when it comes to Anime Fest and I applaud every attendee that I met this weekend for bringing such positive vibes to the community. Bravo.

Now lets get to the meat and potatoes of this past weekends convention. As I predicted and expected, My Hero Academia dominated the cosplay scene this weekend. With its rise in popularity it was no surprise to see so many people portraying their favorite MHA characters. From the aggressive Bakugo, to our beloved Midoriya, the MHA cosplays were in full force and they were amazing. By far the most impressive cosplay I saw this weekend had to be Ryuk from Death Note. The talented cosplayer, Ramon Martinez took his Ryuk cosplay to the next level. From the insane detail in his mask and clothing, to the incredible height using stilts that made Ryuk loom over everyone he encountered. 

The dealers room was as tempting as always. Come in with an open mind and a hefty wallet because you are bound to find something you will fall in love with in the dealers room. I myself spent quite a bit of cash on day one because well, Dragonball Banpresto statues are my weakness. For those of you who prefer more unique items then the artist alley was the place to be. I found myself stunned at how creative and talented the artists were this year. It seems the bar raises every year when it comes to the work the artists put out on display and of course I couldn’t resist picking up some of that art myself. If you were there then you cant blame me at all, im sure your wallet would feel a bit lighter as well. 

I made my way through the many floors and corridors of Anime Fest and interviewed some amazing people. I picked their brains and learned why it is they like to cosplay. The reasons were unique to each individual but the overall consensus was similar, you get to be as silly as you want and become whomever you want to become for the weekend without any judgement. This to me was truly beautiful. Last but not least I was fortunate enough to get a one on one interview with Christopher Wehkamp, the American voice actor for Professor Eraserhead on My Hero Academia. I was able to learn what his experience has been like so far playing Eraser head and what other Anime universe he would like to dable in if he were given the opportunity, But for the full details your going to have to check out our Instagram and vlogs! Overall should you attend Anime Fest next year and would I like to return? That would be a resounding hell yes.

Anime Fest 2018 Day 1!


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