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If all I could do was just put in a white blank piece of paper “it was lit” I would do it, but I will be professional about it and give it all out. In the entire world of social media at a scale much greater than it was in the previous decades, first impressions are almost Crucial to someone or something that you run into. First time to ever be in a convention such as this, Fan expo was new grounds for a cosplayer like myself that mainly floats around the smaller ones. The event and scale brought both excitement and mystery for what was to come for the weekend. 

Although I heard a lot of negative and hateful things about the con that would make this a bad post, I actually had quite the opposite experience with some salt sprinkled here and there. The omni hotel was the hotel of choice because of both friends and the convenience of being very close to the con so that struck a good cord with me. Parking was just fine and luckily close to just get in and out without any problems. Why did I hear such negative things about most of the con? There were several instances that proved quite problematic and inconvenient for the con goers and it was almost clear to me what they were talking about when I started to witness them for just moments. The lines were long enough to make your legs hurt by just looking at them and some of them were just for getting a picture with some celebrity or see a panel with your one and only person. The premium badges that people paid up the wazoo for only provided some luxuries that others couldn’t afford such as a room for lounging and so called “priority entrances” to things like the dealer room and theater presentations. The air conditioning in the middle of the days would give out due to the vast amount of people that were inside either waiting or going anywhere. Plenty of internalized angry faces were present at the convention yet that did not stop the willingness of everyone to have a good time with one another and get what they came to that place for, and that was to have fun. 

There was plenty of stuff to go around at the weekend that was still fun so it wasn’t a problem to avoid boredom. The hotel staff also loved the idea of taking a couple minutes of their time to take a picture or two with cosplayers, some with no idea what they were taking a picture with. I couldn’t really relate to the vast majority of the con goers as far as the experience as it seems to me it was more of a lucky and fun ride. To be honest, the con staff never really gave a good enough vibe most of the time as well as had a poor coordination efforts. As snobby and loathsome as they can be, they were just doing their job any way they felt like it… lucky I never really had to deal with them. There was a juicy amount of celebrities and cosplayers that I wanted to take a picture/selfie with that would make my posts and story look a little more eye worthy, yet I couldn’t bear to wait in line for more than an hour and a half just to waste time having fun and talking with other friends. I cosplayed... (for lack of a better word) “captain dank sparrow” but with 24v and 30 amps of pure bass boosted music on my back.  

I was in an executive suite with ten other people including cosplayers/booth holders for the dealer room such as Silly Little Missy, Shawna wood, and Alecta arcana so it was quite packed. We all made due with where we were sleeping and I brought two pressure cookers and enough food to keep everyone from buying downstairs so everyone was happy and drama free. The view was amazing and had a lookout over all of downtown Dallas as we were roomed at the edge of the building. For crying out loud, there was a TV in the freaking mirror of our bathroom with a tub AND a shower! 

Aside from all of the good and bad, over all Fan days was a great enough con to call it in a simple term… “lit.” i was there to party and have fun and as anyone that takes their time to pack and dress up for a weekend with friends, that is what I did. I should say the system the convention was applied in was crap, but what huge con isn’t? (fake coughing) “Dragon-Con!” Thanks to a special person, I got to get into places without any real hassle. Thanks to messenger, It was somewhat possible to know where I was without getting lost. Thanks to friends, it was a blast of a con to be in without having to zombie around in crowds of people or stand and wait in lines. The after parties were pretty cool to be in with some celebrities within an arm’s reach like Jessica Nigri! Loads of drunk karaoke and projection screen Mario kart followed with imitation Michael Jackson dancing to smooth criminal was only part of the shenanigans that took place during the nights of the weekend. Every ending of a great con that I had attended has always given me an overcast of sadness and Fan Expo 2017 was one of them. Maybe I will attend the next year mainly because of all the comments that I am getting from everyone that I had talked to about it. I was a VERY lucky hand that I had been dealt with that I had way too much fun with little to no consequences so maybe next time won’t be as peachy as the last. I hope when you read this that you won’t be too scared away from the con itself because it may seem for everyone that we all experience it the same way yet a sizable number of us have a great to amazing time there. 


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