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An Interview with Devin Pike of Marvelous NYE!

I got the extreme pleasure if interviewing Devin Pike, the Entertainment Director for Marvelous NYE! But Devin this not his first convention by far. Hes been working the con scene for over a decade! They had a plan to throw a convention at the end of the year, then in May they signed on Marvel genius Stan Lee. The con will have a celebration for Stan Lee's birthday as well as an awesome convention!

Devin also said that putting it together was quite a challenge but in the end it will really be worth it. The other entertainment we can expect to see are as follows. Rooker. Sean Gunn, his co-star in GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY and April's THE BELKO EXPERIMENT. The voice actors from ANIMANIACS -- Rob Paulsen, Tress MacNeille, Jess Harnell and Maurice LaMarche. Nichelle Nichols. Ming-Na Wen, who we just announced. Sylvester McCoy, the seventh Doctor. The whole Red Bank Takeover -- Brian O'Halloran, Jason Mewes, Marilyn Ghigliotti and Scott Schiaffo from CLERKS, and Ming Chen and Bryan Johnson from COMIC BOOK MEN. Sam Jones. We have over three dozen celebrity guests.

Extra things going on at MNYE: We're roasting Stan Lee on his birthday. It sincerely doesn't get cooler than that. Also, it's really got something for every kind of attendee, from photo ops and panels to hands-on workshops in writing, filmmaking and effects.

The rumor is that this was to be Stan Lee's last convention. However he has decided to continue in 2017, however this is his last con in Texas! 

I asked Devin if he was excited about MNYE and he responded that he was looking forward to 6 months of work paying off and the people showing up to the convention are like family to him so its like huge family reunion! I also asked him about entertainment he said There's a LOT of stuff you won't find at many other convention, if at all. The 24-Hour Film Race, where each team is paired with an attending celebrity actor. Two rooms of nothing but community-submitted content. All of the after-parties, not just New Year's Eve. Previews of films like HELLRAISER: JUDGMENT, and BEST F(R)IENDS - the new film from Greg Sestero and Tommy Wiseau, who you know from THE ROOM.

So a lot of fans wanted to know...why Dallas to which Devin replied A few things. Primarily, the geek / nerd community in North Texas is so vibrant, and they deserve a massive blowout for the end of the year. Next, the traditional parties we've had in North Texas, with few exceptions, aren't being held in 2016, so there was an opportunity to make it our own. Finally, I'm greedy, and want this size and scope of event in my backyard.

When I inquired Devins favorite Marvel character it made me smile. He said The easy answer is Stan Lee. The more thoughtful answer... the thing that draws me into comics isn't the superhero, as much as the person who has to deal with *being* a superhero. Take Bruce Banner. He has NO DESIRE WHATSOEVER in being the Hulk. It has ruined his life, utterly, yet he can not escape it. Has to completely alter his nature to remain "puny Banner." Everyone around him wants the Hulk, just to further their cause. He'd rather live in Tibet on a mountainside. Yeah. Give me Banner.

When asked to tell me a bit about himself I laughed his answer was I'm equal parts Ferris Bueller, Eric Stratton and Daffy Duck. I love absinthe, pizza, and bacon. I believe that we, as a species, don't hug nearly as much as we should. 

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