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Gilmore Girls returns to our screens via Netflix on November 25, 2016!

The cast have returned, with even Melissa McCarthy reprising her role as Sooki, chef and co-owner of the Dragonfly Inn.

Netflix have shared some very limited trailers, and also some promotional photos to get viewers back to Stars Hollow. Here’s what we we know so far:

Rory’s boyfriends

Rory’s three love interests are back! Logan, Rory’s college boyfriend is on the scene for all four episodes, Jess is in for three, and Dean for just one.

Netflix released a photo of Dean in Doose’s Market with an advertisement of corn starch which is a call back to Rory and Dean’s first kiss, in which Rory is so overwhelmed, she runs the whole way home, clutching stolen corn starch. It’s also the first thing to be packed away when Rory and Dean first break up.

Jess actually features in a voiced clip in the official trailer, talking with Rory about her life. He is also pictured chatting with Luke at the diner.

Logan is in all four episodes, and his entourage (Colin and Finn) are also in a few episodes. Unlike Jess, Logan’s image is shown in a montage in the trailer. When we left Rory, she had decided to turn down Logan’s proposal, which was also an ultimatum.

Lorelai’s life

Lorelai is seen chatting with Sooki at the Dragonfly Inn, and also spotted having a frank conversation with a woman about her relationship with Luke. Luke and Lorelai feature in several montage clips, but the most interesting part of the trailer sees Lorelai standing in the wildness, looking lost and confused, with a voice over about her life not really being what she wants after all.

Emily and her mansion

Emily has had a huge portrait of Richard installed on her wall, and is embracing the work of organiser and decluttering expert Marie Kondo, claiming that few things in her home are bringing her joy, so the mansion looks like a clearing sale. Emily is wearing jeans and a raglan shirt, very unEmily, and a number of Friday night dinners have been shown, including one featuring town roustabout and weirdo, Kirk.

The trailers and photos leave a lot to be pondered over:

  • Is Paris working at Chilton? The Gilmore Girls Instagram account has shown a picture of a wooden door with Paris’s name plate on it. She is also seem in a school principal type outfit, speaking with students.
  • Rory is also seen in a classroom of students, but the trailer emphasises the fact that she has been travelling and making a living through her writing
  • All three of the girls seem to be at loose ends with a their future directions
  • The Hep Alien band is all back for the new episodes – is there a reunion tour happening?
  • A photo of Pop Tarts and an apple (a throwback to Lorelai’s idea of pregnancy dietary requirements) is featured on the GG Instagram account – surely Sooki isn’t pregnant again?! Is it possibly Lorelai or Rory?
  • There is definitely a funeral, but is there a wedding on the cards? Look at what the girls are holding in the ‘Spring’ promo photo!

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