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Cosplay Dreams is the original inception of Rj Haddy, one of the former stars of the show FACE OFF and FOXY and Co., Rj has always felt a huge debt of gratitude to the fan/con/cosplayers community and wanted to create something for viewers that would not only showcase more of the skill set needed to produce film quality props, makeups, and costuming, needed for today’s increasingly competitive cosplay community.  Cosplay Dreams presents the work in a DIY fashion, but it also works towards paying it forward and helping those deserving or who have also spent their lives doing for others. This aspect of the show is very important to RJ.  We all have to keep up with the fast pace of life, work, family, and the killer of all dreams … BILLS …. and for some people going to a major con in a killer cosplay would be a real dream come true, but for one reason or another A. Can’t work on a costume because they don’t know the necessary skills to do so, B. Have the funds to do so or C. have neither the funds or time to get to a con.  Rj wants to help a few lucky people in the same way he was lucky to be on FACE OFF, and now as a direct result gets to work at cons all over the county! The idea solidified in Rj’s brain as he traveled the country going to cons and talking to real fans just like you guys! Everyone is eager to see Cosplay Dreams on TV, help us make that a reality!

As a cable or network television show, Cosplay Dreams will showcase RJ, along with one of his artist friends from Face Off or Heroes of Cosplay, or even the larger film industry as a whole, visiting a new fan each week. We will showcase why that fan was chosen, we will consult with them on their DREAM COSPLAY, and even help them create it along side us! You as viewers will be able to see the detailed step by step D.I.Y. process we just never had time to showcase on an episode of Face Off. For the first time you’ll see us doing what we do in an instructional manner so easy that ANYONE watching could adapt to the steps and create along with us! Then we will take that lucky person to a large convention with us for the entire WEEKEND as OUR GUESTS! They will be given the VIP treatment all weekend and their costume will be a featured exhibition piece at the Grande Costume Contest on Saturday. You’ll get to see all this take place and take shape before your very eyes each week! Thats the the of show we want to see on the air as viewers, and we know from talking to folks at conventions, you guys do too!

As an actual TV program Cosplay Dreams will take write in nominations in much the same way that Extreme Home Make Over did, Friends and family will have the opportunity to nominate someone they feel is worthy of such an experience, for what could be a variety of reasons. It could be need based, it could be based on community service, or someone who wants to break into costuming and effects as a career but doesn’t know where to begin. Nothing is discouraged. Then our panel will sort through them and make a determining factor on which individual is showcased each episode. But right now and ONLY for this Kickstarter, a very rare opportunity presents itself, you have the opportunity to nominate YOURSELF (or anyone else you choose) by picking the 35 dollar option. For this Pilot production ONLY , we will choose based on 1. availability (you must be available without question for filming at any point between the end of the campaign, and through Pensacon (February 20, 2017) to help facilitate production in a timely manner, 2. you must be ok with your likeness being used as part of this pilot. (It’ll be plastered EVERYWHERE !lol) and thats really about it! VERY IMPORTANT !!! If you do decide to pick this option and want to be considered for that role, make sure we have your email address to send you the application!!! Since we are aiming for an impressive pilot production to be produced, we are asking for 40k dollars through Kickstarter. Rj is personally putting up 5k of his own funds to be utilized for this project, making the grand total of the pilot episode 45k. Considering all that has to be done between now and Pensacon, that’s really not a huge asking. We are asking your help to not only produce this pilot by raising funds, but we feel this Kickstarter’s success will determine if the project has a potential viewing audience that can be used as leverage with buyers. So we need your enthusiasm for this project as well enough to share it as much as possible with your friends and other con goers in the community! Help us get the word out about it! Another reason we’re also on Kickstarter is because of Kickstarters “All or Nothing” policy. We don’t want to accept ONE DIME from anyone unless we reach our goal and we are sure we can pull of something high quality that will sell and has an excited audience ready to see it going into it. Anything less wouldn’t be fair to the viewers. So what do you say? Help us help someone else, and in the meantime end up with a great product on TV we can ALL enjoy with our families ! ?

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